Dr. Yinlong "Allen" Zhang

  张银龙 市场营销学博士, 副教授

  Associate Professor

About the Professor

Youngseon Kim, Associate Professor, Central Conneticuit State University
Lingjiang Tu, PHD Candidate in Marketing

 Representative Research
  • Zhang, Y., & Mittal, V. (2005), “Decision Difficulty: Effects of Procedural and Outcome Accountability,” Journal of Consumer Research(December), 465-72, cited by 22, a typical 05 JCR article cited by 3.  

  • Zhang, Y., Feick, L., & Price, L. (2006), “The Impact of Self-Construal on Aesthetic Preference for Angular versus Rounded Shapes,” Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin (June), 794-805. [A French translation of this paper was reprinted in Recherche et Applications en Marketing, Vol. 22 (2007), no.2, 77-92], cited by 32, a typical 06 PSPB  article cited by 3.

  • Zhang, Y., & Mittal, V. (2007), "The Attractiveness of Enriched and Impoverished Options: Culture, Self-Construal, and Regulatory Focus,” Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin (April), 588-98, cited by 20.

  • Zhang, Y., & Shrum, L.J. (2009), "The Influence of Self-Construal on Impulsive Consumption,” Journal of Consumer Research (February), 838-50, cited by 24.

  • Zhang, Y., & Khare, A. (2009), “The Impact of Accessible Identities on the Evaluation of Global versus Local Products,” Journal of Consumer Research, (October), 524-37, cited by 20.

  • Zhang, Y., Winterich, K. & Mittal, V. (2010), “Power-Distance Belief and Impulsive Buying,” Journal of Marketing Research, (October), 945-54, cited by 9.

  • Tu, L., Khare, A. & Zhang Y.(2012), “A Short 8-item Scale for Measuring Consumers’ Local-Global Identity,” International Journal of Research in Marketing, 29, 35-42.

  • Winterich, K., Zhang ,Y, & Mittal, V. (2012), “How Political Identity and Charity Positioning Increase Donations: Insights from Moral Foundations Theory,” forthcoming at International Journal of Research in Marketing.

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