Pamela C. Smith, Ph.D.
Department of Accounting
College of Business
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX 78249


Teaching Interest - Taxation of Individuals; Tax Research

Research Interests - Impact of Federal Taxation on the Tax-Exempt Status of Nonprofit Organizations


Research Activities:


McDowell, E., Li, W. and P.C. Smith. Forthcoming. An Experimental Examination of U.S. Individual Donors’ Information Needs and Use. Financial Accountability & Management.

Kitching, K.A., A. Robert, and P.C. Smith. Forthcoming. The Influence of Donor Pressure on Resource Allocation Decisions: A Study of Marginal versus Average Spending. Journal of Government and Nonprofit Accounting.

Jones, C., K. Kitching, A. Roberts, and P.C. Smith. Forthcoming. The Spend-Save Decision: An Analysis of How Charities Respond to Revenue Changes. Accounting Horizons.

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Reprint – Tax-Exempt Advisor (March 13, 2006)

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Seago, W.E. and P.C. Smith. 2002. Changes in Accounting Methods Theories: Lifetime Income, Change in Character, and Peace of Mind. The Journal of Taxation (December): 339-346.


Other Publications (Non-refereed Publications)

Smith, P.C. Forthcoming. Community Health Needs Assessment – It’s Time to Comply. San Antonio Medicine (a publication of the Bexar County Medical Society).

Smith, P.C. 2011. The IRS is Keeping Up with Accountable Care Organizations. San Antonio Medicine (a publication of the Bexar County Medical Society), 64 (8): 42.

Smith, P.C. 2011. Is Your Compensation Open to Public Review? San Antonio Medicine (a publication of the Bexar County Medical Society), 64 (4): 34.

Smith, P.C. 2010. Hospitals Beware – New Filing Requirements to Maintain Tax-Exempt Status. San Antonio Medicine (a publication of the Bexar County Medical Society), 63 (12): 22-23.

Published Dissertation Abstract: Smith, P.C.  2002. An Empirical Investigation of Joint Ventures between For-Profit and Tax-Exempt Nonprofit Hospitals.  The Journal of the American Taxation Association, 24 (Spring): 73.

WORKING PAPERS AND WORK IN PROGRESS (in alphabetical order by author)

Campbell, L. and P.C. Smith. “Uncertain Tax Positions – FIN 48 and the Need for Transparency”.

Forgione, D. and P.C. Smith. “Publication Outlets for Healthcare Financial Research: A Study of Journal Attributes and Quality Perceptions,” (Work in progress: a study of quality rankings for journals that publish healthcare financial topics) (In data collection phase, targeted for submission to Financial Accountability & Management)

Hostetler, J.M., Campbell, L., and P.C. Smith. “Piercing the Black Box of Charity Care: The Institutional Method and IRC § 501(r)”. (Work in progress). Under review: Journal of Legal Tax Research.

Jones, L., Campbell, L., and P.C. Smith. “An Exegesis of the Sec. 107 Housing Exclusion”. (Work in progress). Target journal: Journal of Legal Tax Research.

Professional Experience

Experienced Senior Tax Accountant (1993 - 1997):  Arthur Andersen, LLP, Washington, DC

Teaching Experience


External Reviewer for Tenure Applicants
2011 University of Baltimore, Howard University
2010 University of Rhode Island
2009 University of Rhode Island

American Taxation Association (ATA)

American Accounting Association – Government/Nonprofit Section

American Accounting Association – Diversity Section

American Accounting Association – Public Interest Section

The PhD Project

National Association of Black Accountants

Editorial Boards
Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management (2007 – present)
The Journal of Health Care Finance (2007 – present)

Ad Hoc Reviewer
Research in Accounting Regulation
Advances in Accounting
Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management
Financial Accountability and Management
The ATA Journal of Legal Research
Research in Healthcare Financial Management
2010 - 2011 Annual Meeting - AAA
2010 – 2011 Annual Meeting (AAA) – Diversity Section
2011 GNP Section Mid-Year Meeting
2008 Annual Meeting (AAA) - Public Interest Section
2008 Annual Meeting (AAA) – Government & Nonprofit Section
2004 American Accounting Association Ethics Symposium
2004 ATA Northeast Regional Meeting
2004 – 2007 AAA Southwest Regional Meeting
2003 PhD Project Accounting Doctoral Student Association Annual Meeting

UTSA Service


College of Business

Department of Accounting


Community Service

Professional Presentations
“Financial Literacy” – UTSA Women of Honor Student Organization (April 2009), San Antonio, TX

“Nonprofit Organizations in the United States” – UTSA Liu Family Foundation U.S. China Business Education Initiative (February 2009), San Antonio, TX

“Nonprofit Accounting Research” – Jackson State University, Department of Accounting, PhD Seminar (April 2008), Jackson, MS [one day PhD seminar on Nonprofit Accounting Research Methods and Literature]

“Individual Income Tax Update” – Valero Corporation (March 2007), San Antonio, TX

“Understanding Nonprofit Financials” – UTSA Nonprofit Management Program (2003-2007), San Antonio, TX

“Tax Planning Opportunities” – The San Antonio Chinese Professional Association (Spring 2003), San Antonio, TX

Beta Gamma Sigma Student Leadership Forum (2004), San Antonio, TX

Minority MBA Magazine – profile featured in “Professing Diversity” (2003)

San Antonio Express News – Quoted in article “The Exceeding Great Reward”, concerning salaries within nonprofit organizations (June 21, 2003)