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John Wald
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Spring 2020:

FIN 4613: Intro: International Finance

FIN 5833: International Finance


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Relatively Recent Publications:


  • Natasha Burns, Anna Kapalczynski, and Wald, “Independent Director Compensation, Corruption, and Monitoring,” Financial Review, forthcoming.
  • Wald, “Antitrust Damages in Financial Markets,” Journal of Competition Law and Economics, forthcoming.
  • Mehdi Beyhaghi and Ca Nguyen, and Wald, “Institutional Investors and Loan Dynamics: Evidence from Loan Renegotiations,” Journal of Corporate Finance 56, 2019, 482-505.
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  • Wald and Michael S. Long, “The Effect of State Laws on Capital Structure,” Journal of Financial Economics, 83(2), 2007, 297-320.


Pandemics and the Stock Market -- an addendum to our 2013 paper about the flu and stock markets

Payout Restrictions used in 2007 JFE paper

Internet Appendices for Institutional Investors and Loan Dynamics: Evidence from Loan Renegotiations

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