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The goal of this site is to provide researchers, higher ed administrators and trustees, state legislators and staff, and other interested readers a forum from which to explore the complex variables of performance funding in higher education.

My first research on performance funding culminated in my dissertation, Performance Funding in Higher Education: A Critical Analysis of Performance Funding in Colorado (1999).Click here for the reference list.  My colleague, Dr. Peter Billington, and I co-wrote and presented The Myth of Performance Funding in Higher Education at the Western Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting in April 2000.  Using a University of Southern Colorado (where I was teaching at the time) Scholarly Activities Grant during the summer of 2000, I surveyed 630 faculty, staff, and administrators at 24 higher education institutions in the state of Colorado to determine: (1) opinions of how the Quality Indicator System (QIS) policy was formulated and implemented, (2)   level of agreement or disagreement with the state's goals and performance measures for higher education, (3) basic knowledge of and familiarity with the QIS, (4) confidence in the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) and the state legislature, and (5) opinions about linking funding to performance. CCHE had recast performance funding into a quality indicator system by that time.

My colleagues, Dr. Roger Johnson and Dr. Hortensia Soto Johnson, assisted with the survey and  statistical analysis of the results.  The report, Opinion Survey of the Quality Indicator System in Colorado, contains the methodology, the survey instrument, analysis of the data, and summary of the results.  Tables and charts of the responses are grouped into two categories:

Responses by institutional group (Community Colleges, Research Institutions, Non-Research Institutions) and responses by faculty rank (Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Full Professor, Other).

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