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STA 2303 Appl Probability & Stat-Engrs
STA 1053 Basic Statistics


L. J. Shrum

Dr. Anuradha Roy
Associate Professor
Department of Management Science and Statistics

About Dr. Anuradha Roy

  • B.Sc.1978, Presidency College, Calcutta University, India (Specialization: Mathematics (honors))
  • M.Stat.1981, Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, India (Specialization: Advanced Probability and Mathematical Statistics)
  • Ph.D. 2002, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, USA (Specialization: Applied Statistics)
Research Interests
  • Applied Statistics
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • Discriminant Analysis/Pattern Recognition
  • Mixed Effects Models and Repeated Measures
  • Missing Data
    • Areas of application include Medical and Biomedical Sciences

Complete Listing of Published Works

Selected Publications

  • Score Test for a Separable Covariance Structure with the First Component as Compound Symmetric Correlation Matrix (with Filipiak K., Klein D) Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 150, 105-124, 2016..
  • Optimal Estimation for Doubly Multivariate Data in Blocked Compound Symmetric Covariance Structure (with Zmyślony, R., Fonseca, M. and Leiva R.)Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 144, 81-90, 2016.
  • Testing of Equality of Mean Vectors for Paired Doubly Multivariate Observations in Blocked Compound Symmetric Covariance Matrix Setup, (with Leiva R., Žežula I. and Klein D.)Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 137, 50-60, 2015.
  • Linear Discrimination for Three-level Multivariate Data with Separable Additive Mean Vector and Doubly Exchangeable Covariance Structure, (with Leiva R.) Computational Statistics and Data Analysis , 41(13), 2545- 2569, 2012.

  • Linear Discrimination for Multi-level Multivariate Data with Separable Means and Jointly Equicorrelated Covariance Structure, (with Leiva R.) Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 141(5), 1910- 1924, 2011.

  • Classification Rules for Triply Multivariate Data with an AR(1) Correlation Structure on the Repeated Measures over Time, (with Leiva R.) Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 139(8), 2598-2613, 2009.

  • Discrimination with Jointly Equicorrelated Multi-level Multivariate Data, (with Leiva R.) Advances in Data Analysis and Classification, 1(3), 175-199, 2007.
  • Age-Related Effect of Bone Remodeling on the Concentration of Collagen Cross-Links in Human Cortical Bone, (with Nyman J. S., Acuna R. L., Gayle H. J., Reyes M. J., Tyler J. H., Dean D. D. and Wang X.) Bone, 39(6), 1210-1217, 2006.
  • A New Classification Rule for Incomplete Doubly Multivariate Data using Mixed Effects Model with Performance Comparisons on the Imputed Data, Statistics in Medicine, 25(10), 1715-1728, 2006.
  • Estimating Correlation Coefficient between Two Variables with Repeated Observations using Mixed Effects Model, Biometrical Journal, 48(2), 286-301, 2006.
  • On Implementation of a Test for Kronecker Product Covariance Structure for Multivariate Repeated Measures Data, (with Khattree R.) Statistical Methodology, 2(4), 297-306, 2005. Click here to get programs I used in this paper.
  • On Discrimination and Classification with Multivariate Repeated Measures Data,(with Khattree R.) Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 134(2), 462-485, 2005.
  • A Retrospective Evaluation of Digital Wound Imaging to Predict Response to Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment,(with Kalns J., Loeffler C. and Wright J. K.) Ostomy/Wound Management , 50(4), 36-48, 2004.
  • A Tree-Based Model for Breast Cancer Prognostication, (with Banerjee M., George J., Song E. Y., and Hryniuk W.)  Journal of Clinical Oncology, 22(13), 2567-2575, 2004.