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e-mail: Anuradha.Roy@utsa.edu

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L. J. Shrum

Dr. Anuradha Roy
Associate Professor
Department of Management Science and Statistics

About Dr. Hamid Beladi

  • B.Sc.1978, Presidency College, Calcutta University, India (Specialization: Mathematics (honors))
  • M.Stat.1981, Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, India (Specialization: Advanced Probability and Mathematical Statistics)
  • Ph.D. 2002, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, USA (Specialization: Applied Statistics)
Research Interests
  • Applied Statistics
  • Multivariate Analysis
  • Discriminant Analysis/Pattern Recognition
  • Mixed Effects Models and Repeated Measures
  • Missing Data
    • Areas of application include Medical and Biomedical Sciences
Selected Publications
  • Linear discrimination for three-level multivariate data with separable additive mean vector and doubly exchangeable covariance structure, (with Leiva R.) Computational Statistics and Data Analysis , 41(13), 2545- 2569, 2012.

  • Linear Discrimination for Multi-level Multivariate Data with Separable Means and Jointly Equicorrelated Covariance Structure, (with Leiva R.) Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 141(5), 1910- 1924, 2011.

  • Classification Rules for Triply Multivariate Data with an AR(1) Correlation Structure on the Repeated Measures over Time, (with Leiva R.) Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 139(8), 2598-2613, 2009.

  • Discrimination with Jointly Equicorrelated Multi-level Multivariate Data, (with Leiva R.) Advances in Data Analysis and Classification, 1(3), 175-199, 2007.
  • Age-Related Effect of Bone Remodeling on the Concentration of Collagen Cross-Links in Human Cortical Bone, (with Nyman J. S., Acuna R. L., Gayle H. J., Reyes M. J., Tyler J. H., Dean D. D. and Wang X.) Bone, 39(6), 1210-1217, 2006.
  • A New Classification Rule for Incomplete Doubly Multivariate Data using Mixed Effects Model with Performance Comparisons on the Imputed Data, Statistics in Medicine, 25(10), 1715-1728, 2006.
  • Estimating Correlation Coefficient between Two Variables with Repeated Observations using Mixed Effects Model, Biometrical Journal, 48(2), 286-301, 2006.
  • On Implementation of a Test for Kronecker Product Covariance Structure for Multivariate Repeated Measures Data, (with Khattree R.) Statistical Methodology, 2(4), 297-306, 2005. Click here to get programs I used in this paper.
  • On Discrimination and Classification with Multivariate Repeated Measures Data,(with Khattree R.) Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 134(2), 462-485, 2005.
  • A Retrospective Evaluation of Digital Wound Imaging to Predict Response to Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment,(with Kalns J., Loeffler C. and Wright J. K.) Ostomy/Wound Management , 50(4), 36-48, 2004.
  • A Tree-Based Model for Breast Cancer Prognostication, (with Banerjee M., George J., Song E. Y., and Hryniuk W.)  Journal of Clinical Oncology, 22(13), 2567-2575, 2004.